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asdAt Enfantterribleshop we provide various kinds of doors for domestic, commercial, retail and industrial premises. We specialize in security doors. Here are the solutions we provide for our clients.

Security doors

We manufacture high-security shutters that are designed to provide protection against medium to high level of security threats. The doors are capable of withstanding forced entry using power tools for about 30 minutes. It will keep the burglars away.They are perfect for use in banks, utility buildings, and government buildings.

Steel fire doors

These doors can withstand long hours of exposure to fire. So, if your building catches fire, you can be secured inside the room having steel fire doors until help arrives. These doors act as great fire resistant barriers.

Automatic doors

A stylish and good quality automatic door is perfect for the entrance. Our doors provide style, convenience, and hygiene. We have automatic sliding, curved sliding, swing and folding doors. Our team of professionals works with the contractors and architects to ensure that we can satisfy our customers. Find out more below or Contact us for further information.

Industrial doors

Our industrial doors are known for its quality, design, durability, strength, and safety. We can provide customized solutions for our customers. You won’t find another industrial door as good as ours in the market.

You should contact us for any door, and we will be happy to help you. You will give you design ideas and estimates to meet your requirements.