Enfant Terrible

We manufacture and install security doors for your premises. Our doors are known to provide you great security.Home, commercial and industry securities are big issues now. We constantly research on finding you the best solutions to meet your security needs. A huge number of burglaries take place each year. People lose a lot of money. Our doors are tested for all methods of burglary attacks. They have multi-point locking and are certified for various aspects of quality. We provide extended warranties for our product.


  • We have a talented technical team who are experts in manufacturing our doors. We use the latest CAD drawing methods for designing our products.
  • Our engineers are regularly trained to stay updated with the latest trends in manufacturing, installing and repairing security doors.
  • We provide 24 hours emergency repair services.
  • We provide regular maintenance of electrically powered automatic door systems. It keeps them in compliance with the safety regulations.

If you are worried about your door security, then please call us. We will conduct a survey and advise you on various door options that you can choose from. All our doors are highly secure. We can customize them for you as well. Having a sturdy and safe door in your property is the most important security element for protecting your premise. You should install a high quaily security door for your property to make sure that you have the best line of defense for protecting your premise against burglars and other potential threats.

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